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chacky yen – legacy lyrics


what is love?
let me tell you the reason why i laid down this verse
what is it ? a blessing or a curse ?
depends on how you look at it and make it good or worse
i am here , not that i lived and loved but all i could do is give it all
never expected that i would ever be loved , like i deserve i never cared it all
because if did , i would never be able to love like i could
and what if i wouldn’t , be loved at all
i would die in peace , because what i did is gave it all
it’s never about getting it , its always about giving
it’s about dealing with that feeling which makes this life worth living
being happy is what is all about , but they want commitment to brag about
they need agreement to live this out !!
who the h-ll are you showing it ?
clicking pictures and makes it flowing with likes and comments , and making it a part of your legacy
what legacy?
if you really wanna make it , be true for everything you do and will ever do
never say anything behind the person you love , and fake it on their face like you have no clue
d-mn you are just making the promises feel ashamed , when you talk shit about her with that d-mn friend
you think this world give a d-mn about your loyalty
the only person who should give a d-mn is you
the only person who should question it , is you
what if you are loyal in front of everybody , but not you
these little things makes you who you are , makes you a man or a kid that you are
i don’t know man , what i say is all right or wrong
but what i know is , that’s the only way for being a man of values and a little sane
that’s the only way , to be a person whom you could never blame
i know it’s hard but , after feeling all that pain
there comes a day , that you won’t feel anything not even pain
i know because i am here , on this stage
crossed all those bridges , that ever broke me down on the way
i know this world is so much better when you just don’t expect
i know this world is so much better when you don’t have regrets
i know , and i stopped to be the one who expect or carrying the regrets
the only goal what’s left , in my life is just to be a better person everyday
and to always see the best , in the people around in every walk of my day
and to love her in every single way
i could to make her smile every single day
even if i need to walk away , someday
i would make her promise me , to never lose that smile that she have
to be the angel and fly , like a bird in the open sky
and tell her , she is not someone who could be hold in the cage of a relationship
in the bond of commitment in which she is recessive
tell her to live this life as she want , and when she need a shoulder to cry on
i am always here to wipe her tears , and try to get rid of the bygones
tell her to be with someone who would love her like she deserve
if not me , its okay may be she got what she deserve
and how i look is , having a smile on my face seeing her happy
that’s the love i’m talking about , there’s never jealousy
it’s about giving the best that you could , to the person you love and smile and you should
in their happiness , because that’s what love demands , a hand that take them up not down
if any other thought would ever cross your mind, just replace it screaming you’re fine
being a giver , is a better way to be defined
if you can’t see any reason , then i guess it’s time to find
the light within you , let it out and let it shine
let this world know , that the true love never died
it was just hiding behind , the jealousy , selfishness , ego and pride
but how long this darkness will prevail , now this is the time to turn down the table
this is the time , to break down the label
let the light within you shine and the ray to reach as far as it can
now this is the legacy , that you will write without a pen
might not to be known to the world , but at least you would be contained
to yourself , and that’s what matters because in the end
the change within you is what you should seek for
let the world be the way it is , it’s time not to be the person in the world to just be fit for