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chamillionaire – i know ya mad lyrics


“i know ya mad”
(feat. bun b)

[intro – three 6 mafia – talking]
yes sir (yes sir)
chamillionaire (chamillitary mayne)
bun b (bun b)
it’s goin down (it’s goin down, i know ya mad)
yes sir
hypnotize minds production (i know ya mad, i know ya mad)

[chorus – chamillionaire – w/ ad libs]
i know ya mad, i-i-i know ya mad
i-i-i know ya mad, i know ya mad
i know ya mad, i know ya mad
i know ya mad, i know ya mad
i know ya mad ’cause you hate that i’m not doin bad
yeah i’m feelin great and i know they wanna hate
’cause they hate to see me eatin shrimp and steak
yeah i know ya mad
i’m a demonstrate, how to deal with all the hate
while i’m reppin for my city and my state
i-i-i know ya mad

[verse 1 – chamillionaire]
you know i’m chasin a milli (that’s right), reppin my city (that’s right)
life is a gamble, i told my city just give me them dice, been gettin scrilli
back in your city like “give me that twice”
stay gettin cake and i know they hate i won’t give ’em a slice
up in the mornin, got them customers callin
i’m a hustler-holic, call me up and i’m on it
stack them barack obamas, stuff ’em up in my wallet
yeah the car right behind me was way too much but i bought it (to make ya mad)
i-i-i know ya mad, every one of my whips is bad
like cam and dash told bill o’reilly – ya mad
how you get mad? you see me grindin and holdin cash
you think i slept with ya mama and went and told ya dad
i-i-i know ya mad, that’s why you mad at night
all you do is gossip, so i’m the reason you have a life
you can’t compete with my fleet, so go pick a better fight
got so many cars, i couldn’t track ’em all with a satellite (hey!)
you see them sw-ngers pokin, you see my trunk is open
versace locin, hopin that i’m gon’ end up broke and
i really hope you jokin, what type of dope you smokin
you text message in exclamations to show emotion (ha)

[chorus – w/ ad libs]

[verse 2 – bun b]
it takes a playa to know a playa, so let me greet ya
welcome to “the land of the trill”, i’m happy to meet ya
bun beeder the trill o.g. and not in the makin (makin)
you see this dough that i be takin and the broads’ that i’m breakin (breakin)
we be bringin home the bacon, ain’t no fakin over here though (here though)
get mine in 2009 without dressin like a weirdo (weirdo)
it’s real off in these streets but i don’t never show no fear though
and it’s still “ugk 4 life”, in case it wasn’t clear bro
funny when you got nothin, n-body really cares
like you don’t even exist (huh), it’s like you was never there (fo’ real)
but soon as you get some bread, they lookin at you sideways
askin ’bout a shortcut and if you got some side plays
tell ’em “naw, it’s hard work” (what?), they swear you lyin
and then you got to start the case, pleadin and denyin
man you ain’t got to explain yourself, don’t tell ’em playa, show ’em (show ’em)
then keep it movin g and act like you don’t even know ’em
that’s what’s up

[chorus – w/ ad libs]

[break – chamillionaire – singing]
so you should love me baby (let’s go), i’m puttin it down
i get love from ladies, they love that i shine (woo!)
i be hustlin daily, i stay gettin mine
so congratulate me (let’s go) or hate me now

[verse 3 – chamillionaire]
middle finger up to the industry, every person i p-ss is shady
said i ain’t commercial enough, my label still have to pay me
fakers is fallin off (yeah), realness would gravitate me
my (wheels) is of (fortune), yeah vanna white should congratulate me
she find out my worth and the pretty woman gon’ have to hate me
flirted with money, did it so well, that it had to date me
police done got madder later, they see me and had to chase me
trunk beatin so hard, pedestrians losin they balance baby
pencil’s a desert eagle, promise my lead is lethal
no we ain’t equal, that’s right, i’m hotter than desert people
wallet’s a scary movie, stackin the root of evil
come back tomorrow, my bank deposit gon’ get a sequel
i-i-i know ya mad



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