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champ maske – jealousy lyrics


[verse 1: champ]

n-gg-s be talkin’ that bullshit i hear em
my dogs off the sandlot n-body come near em
this 40 need one glove man f-ck all that glitter
you shining we aim at the man in the mirror
i’m cold in this b-tch and this is where the heat starts

my new b-tch brough the pumps no reeboks

sumn like cyber bullying how the thing talk
talkin shit behind them d-mn keys will get your screen shot

i’m cold as ice cubes
n-gg-s think they ice too
till i change the temp raise the heat now they ice soup

i k!ll beats it’s not something that i might do
i’m dope c-ke k!ll you in 3 lines like a haiku

i got that perv flow
i make b-tches shiver

you try to make up then i brought the concealer
to browse through liner and shadows together
to give n-gg-s lashes
like patsy i beat em

f-ck what sam was cookin
i’m born by the river
where daughters be floatin like bobbi christina

my wrist has a nugget the size of a dinner
the flow is too deadly no pad on katrina

f-ck what you sayin the realest has spoken
the flow is too heavy the d-mn has been broken

there’s no need in playin i’m odell wide open

just ripping the pussy like shirts on hulk hogan

n-gg-s know this i’m cold b-tch
you got the iron, i’ll erode it

and that toy that i keep talk a lot of shit
james harden w the rocket no defense

when i came in the game i started to upset
my main b-tch is yellow she go down like sunsets
she lovin the star i’m in love w her sundress
you f-ck w her she carving yo head like a pumpkin


[verse 2: hayes]