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chantay savage – 90 in the red (interlude) lyrics


[chorus: common]
90 in the red
this is how i’m going to work it
90 in the red
this is how i interpret
90 in the red
throughout the inner city circuit
90 in the red
r-red, r-red, check it

[rap: common]
i see most on they way to service
i put my lyrics for the leap
but now they got vertical like levertis
i make moves using head first
he [?]
i will be here for mega-ever
the letter of intent to
[?] liquor university
it’s up to me whether it’ll bring the best or worst of me
n-gg-s got nines and mack 1-1s
the sandwich he will unsung [?]
heard if you run from law, it’s a felony
collect this melody
more bills they’re mailing
i’m selling the fake tags
while rhyme bags at [?] for cash
i bolt the diamante with no gas
blast upon the rap scene
with more script than quentin tarantino
off the old script i’m a chip
be at the riverboat casino
chicken i’ll scratch
while them old ladies be winning
this the 87th inning
watch my crew stretch

[chorus] (2x)