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chaos – darker (intro) lyrics


ay yo kool, i’ma take my time
i really dont know where to start to be honest with you

darkside let a n-gga go wild
darkside let a n-gga go out
southside, southside

[verse 1]
i’m closer to greatness
opportunity knocking i go in for days
like i haven’t a moment to waste if
i’m on ticking time then i must be a bomb
d-mn i’ll probably explode in your faces
or implode in mine i’ve been sposed to bomb
you king put the scope on your faces
m4 carbine, ruger lc9
those lasers like moles when i aim it
you lax on the throne i’ma take it
chao castro capone
chaos castles my home
and i’m back in my zone motivated
chao pack to the bone we attacking these songs
and you rappers have no one to save you
we taking over the game and
you have to know when i say this
no one is safe this, skin say
black sensei my kente in camoflauge
split you in six ways, igualmente
get it seven days, woke for the night
hit the block like dikembe
doors open tonight better hope we get in safe
pull us over tonight then i’m bowling a strike
we’ve be rolling tonight, popo notice our skin shade
randy moss-ing a fade chaos lost in the a
and not one of my homies was with me
but they all were behind me my pack is an army
hustler i keep ten toes to the ground he
was humble as h-ll till they finally crowned me
sickest in the city the best in the county
rolling with rebels hope they don’t find me
getting boxed in i let no one surround me
oti the body for 8 figure bounty
chao be serving the fuego
chao the label, no one to save you
you tryna look for a scapegoat
round table deals made up under the table
nothing will change though
perfect off the head it felt like a halo
the flows going cray though
better watch where you step before you step into danger
bow bow bow bow
shots from the air i make nothing but bangers
south side gah d-mn
bow for a prayer lost some loved ones to angels
blackened by fear i see nothing can change em
pack to my rear got no love for no strangers
strap to my rear they see nothing will tame em
black to my ear i hear nothing but slay em

darkside let a n-gga go wild
darkside let a n-gga go out
southside, southside

black black black
never get targeted with out
the strap in my hand while i’m pumping my fist
this insomnia won’t see it darker than this
perfect timing i won’t see it darker than this
open minded i don’t think it darkened a bit
oh stigmata these crosses been darkened a bit
oh chaoti i don’t see it darker than this

all of the fighting that my people did
sing the harmonies like them, as dark as it is
all the power i liked it apocalypse hit
and it’s gone like how i am when i keep em mixed
pull out a whip ain’t no darker than this
vantablack thoughts ain’t no darker than this
ride in the hood ain’t no darker than this
see a knight in a hood make it darker for him