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charles dabeast – don’t stop lyrics


don’t stop

without the rain, there ain’t no rainbow
think of stopping, you gotta say no
keep going even if it’s painful
live life and maintain hope!

[verse 1]
i’ve seen the pressure of demons they seem relentless
same dude who seemed pretentious, redeemed his sentence
expensive taste gone to waste
cause life’s a race
can’t stop or drop if you want that freaking first place
be the ace, and nothing less
if life gets the best of you, then be the best
p-ss the test, nothing less then greatness is excepted
let hatred be neglected
effort of a lion, keep trying
even if you get tired
higher’s what you gotta strive for
fall five times, you’ve gotta get up five more
this what you cry for
this what you alive for
this what you’d die for
if you find a way to beat the odds
do the job, yeah

don’t stop (continuously)

[verse 2]
they some try hards
i just grind hard, why stop now ?
i’m just getting started
been through the struggle
been through the hardships
imma be number one regards of opinions or obstructions
they tryna take my dreams
straight up abduction
i’m bout to do my thing
i did it with my team, od
say it so often cause we ride or die, til we hit them freakin coffins
they realize i’m sick and my flow is so toxic
no spears here just a new level
yeah i been hot like that water in the tea kettle
boiling over the stove
been k!lling it since, i listened to hov back in 05′
when i was too shy and i couldn’t drive
now i’m shining like a star, in my car
so they feeling what i say, cause i seen all the scars
cause we be going hard
i swear to gawd