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charles dabeast – wait a minute lyrics


wait a minute.. and if i mean anything to you (repeatedly)

[verse 1 : charles dabeast]
pulling up in my camry
your parents can’t stand me
feeling like a young randy, got dang
yeah i’m so fresh, yeah i’m fresh to death
living life and nothing less
life’s foul but i keep a tech, got dang
yeah my next used to be my ex, got dang
but she the bomb like funk flex
she just sent me a new text
around her i seem soft
cold world, she my defrost
yeah with out her i seem lost
been lost, but i’m back now
ha, you can laugh now
ha, you ain’t really got ask now
what’s mine is yours
what’s yours is mine and
yeah we feeling fine
all them problems is minor
put them behind, yeah put them behind us
said put them behind, yeah put them behind us
yeah put them behind us (x2)

and if i mean anything to you (repeatedly)

yeah, yeah , yeah…uh, uh, uh

[verse 2: charles dabeast]
wait a minute, let me come clean
tryna have it all, this ain’t one dream
we can get it done, like we one team
we can do a lot, like some fun things
yeah you shine bright like the sun beams, or the moon light
girl you blessed, gesundheit.. gesundheit
hold tight, set the mood right
sitting in the moon light
yeah, sitting on the couch in the house
now you know that, tryna get the mood right
settle down right now, break it down right now
how you feel right now
wanna see you smile, yeah wanna see you smile
while you digging the style like…
do it to it, gon’ do it to it, vibe with it, ride with it

and if i mean anything to you (repeatedly)