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charles dabeast – work out lyrics


[intro: devin l-ssine]
let it all work out (continuously)

[verse 1]
thinking bout college
thinking air mileage
should i be a rapper ?
should i be a scholar ?
should i play soccer ?
well i got stalkers, well they ain’t real stalkers
they just come around ask about my offers
they be like, did duke call?
did state call?
did st. john’s call?
but will they catch me when i fall?
do they just care about if i ball
if i’m d3 will they see me
if i looked like big meech
would they repeat or receive what i say
they don’t feel me though

[chorus: devin l-ssine]
let it all work out (continuously)

this ain’t just a hobbie
waiting for jay-z to come sign me
waiting for dreamville to come sign me
shout out the boy sco ronnie
those rapper battles were so funny
shout out marcus houston, oops i meant johnny
od fly like kamikaze
shout out to my homie yeah his name is kaze
shout out bill cosby, cause this industry is so grimy
use to rap so shyly, but now they see that i’m shining
yeah dabeast, rest in peace to every single beat, that i ever really get on
shout out to my team od cause homie we really about to be on

[outro: devin l-ssine]
let it all work out