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charles hamilton – cuffin lyrics


took long enough man, that shit work now?

[verse 1]
hcho. said that i be cuffin it, i said nah man i don’t be cuffin it
if you ain’t know what the word cuffin meant, it means banging a girl and falling in love with it
now that i say it out loud it makes tons of sense, and i guess i really do be cuffin it
but my -ss really does get stuck with it
f-ck it then, i guess i’m like the government
if they be loving it, i don’t be in in them lives but it ain’t my they get hamiltonized
make em get tight like mannequin thighs
only give them hard d-ck and canada dry
i ain’t got no game i don’t go to parties, i am
quite the lame you will notice shortly but when i want it i get it
you dig it, listen
you’ll be head over heels in a minute

baby what your name is
baby what your game is
you got that star appeal baby you can make me famous

daddy what your name is
daddy what your game is
you got that star appeal daddy i can make you famous

[verse 2]
my name is charles, barkley, oakley, bronson, hamilton
alexander, jew projects
sometimes c-cky, sometimes modest, most times c-cky, if i’m being honest
from the home of apollo and looking for a goddess, already got a wifey but back to the topic
got good brain cuz she ace in the bar and
got good brain like lacey duvalle
soon as she get paid run straight to the mall
spend money like save and it’s breaking a law
don’t matter that she wore pink yesterday
she still gonna wear that pink necklace ye
so when she got her period it ain’t that serious, she gone give me that neck today (haha)
pardon me i had to laugh at that she gonna make me bring my ohio accent back, like


[verse 3]
right now charles is sick of the talking
off it
if you can’t dribble than you can’t be (ballin!)
i move forward, never move morbid
while the rest of y’all are stuck, man i guess y’all (stallin!)
looking at you groupies watching tryna sneak a look while you’re tryna use your sidekick, but if i get
you alone and put on some bootsy collins
think it get a movie popping, but then again f-ck that boo you gossip
so stay up on your sidekick and do some hot shit
i focus on my grind trying to make six digits
these lil n-gg-s hating say i don’t get b-tches
f-ck is you n-gg-s talking bout?
i get head from the same b-tches that you jack off about
it’s the c to the h to the ar-less, y’all know that i’m the one like krs so b-tch bless