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charles hamilton – do what you love lyrics


charles hamilton
i gotta take my time with this one
aight (dj skee)

[verse 1]
for your info
i miss being on the block with n-gg-s i came up with
spitting slick sh-t i just came up with being that one nerdy dude no one can f-ck with
not scared to say whatever in public
respected because of my never give up sh-t
came a long way from the sh-ll toe in one forty something in a concord sighting far more
than a flash and a pan
i actually ran the kitchen cl-ss that you ran from
the fact that i’m standing means i won’t lay down and be put in a box
i hope you haters are looking for rocks, kick em’
i remember looking for rocks to sniff em’
cops would [?]
now i gotta [?] for my wisdom tooth being pulled legal drug copping
whats popping
not for a buzz i couldn’t afford to see a doctor
the one i pay to say i’m okay on my label mate
my day to day is what most pay to say
or get paid to say i can get laid today
i get so many “hey charles it’s so and so” phone calls it’s overdose
my b-lls are over soaked
instead i just call simone and go ball in tears because y’all don’t know me
so y’all can blow me or go along with homie because i’m all me
most of these ballers are bologna, woah
don’t, ever call me a hipster i’m from the heart not the hip don’t start any sh-t cause

[hook] x2
love what you do
and do what you love

[verse 2]
my ex’s mother saw the xxl and thought to let her thoughts be uncovered
how was you homeless but living in my crib?
you got a story but you ain’t got to lie sh-t
tyranny, that’s f-cking absurd i was stuck on the curb when justice was served
or rather when justice served you
jumped to you and toya’s defense, your boy had no sense
since then i realized n-gg-s only do you favors cause they know you gon be greater
you’re not a hater i appreciate your nature
but i’m real you’ll appreciate it later
besides, the b-tch wasn’t so bad though sleeping with the rats
toya sleeping with [?]
that’s cold i know i’m still bitter
lucky for you i ain’t the type to k!ll n-gg-s
unless i grab the mic to k!ll n-gg-s
cause i can end a life for real n-gg-
insane membrane like them cypress hill n-gg-s
but i had to get sane live life and chill quicker
i caught beef with a 30 year old
i can do him dirty like “n-gg- you heard me” but no
get your money, cause i get mine
wanna commit suicide then fine
i’m sick of the (game)

[hook] x2
love what you do
and do what you love

[verse 3]
i’m known for dropping incredible heat
but politics is why i’m not on the incredible beat
dead -ss, hip-hop is that bad, that sad but that cash got cat’s mad
he got how many figures from interscope?
i won’t say cause i figure you n-gg-s know
if you don’t, good, i want to sleep in peace
beat my meat to two freaks and get a skeet in peace
of a napkin, at peace, i’m out
lyrical m-st-rbation brings peace in my house
so i never forget where i came from
son of a bullet my family from the same gun
and my name is the pistols hole
charles hamilton, this industry sh-t is over
let me live let me breathe than life can begin
the end, peace friends

[hook] x2
love what you do
and do what you love
ya dig
ill do this sh-t forever in my sleep
wait t’ill i wake up
charles hamilton