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charles ives – the greatest man lyrics


my teacher said us boys should write
about some great man, so i thought last night
‘n thought about heroes and men
that had done great things
‘n then i got to thinkin’ ’bout my pa;
he ain’t a hero ‘r anything but pshaw!
say! he can ride the wildest hoss
‘n find minners near the moss
down by the creek; ‘n he can swim
‘n fish, we ketched five new lights, me ‘n him!
dad’s some hunter too + oh, my!
miss molly cottontail sure does fly
when he tromps through the fields ‘n brush!
(dad won’t k!ll a lark ‘r thrush.)
once when i was sick ‘n though his hands were rough
he rubbed thе pain right out. “that’s the stuff!”
he said when i winkеd back the tears. he never cried
but once ‘n that was when my mother died
there’re lots o’ great men: george washinton ‘n lee
but dad’s got ’em all beat holler, seems to me!

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