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charles luck ft. inzane – mind of a kakatoo lyrics



charles luck

black astronaut
growing up
this song made my head explode
now i’ve got the:

mind of a kakatoo
kind of a shock to you
hope you don’t mind if
i take another shot at you

nah f-ck that i’ve
got a lot to do
into sniffin glue
until i flip like
a canoo
and uplift you
so be careful what you listen to
who wants to
whistle the blues
reading the news
is like sniffin a poo
so much bullsh-t
i crack like pool stick
throw back a can of gas
gargle it
then flip a lit match
puke and spew
flames at you

i’ve got bars
and disses
a r-t-rded kid in
charge of writtens
others spit it
your the victim

on a mission
ponder the infinite
wonder if when shady drops
his next bomb
if i’ll be in it

i’m committed
god’s my witness
i’ll lift this game up
give it fitness

i know i bit this
but the only reason is
i didn’t forget about dre
or em or what real hip hop is

it starts with the words
yea, we need to hear those
autotune gets under my nerves
and trap music is cool but

whatever happened to punchlines
and hip hop trickery
poppin out your eardrums
like a q tip factory?

abusing the masters beat
letting loose
he wouldn’t sue
he’s gonna know this is mastery

charles luck
i was raised on your stuff
you and em
taught me how to throw an uppercut

take your demons
and summon them
until people need kleenex
to comfort them
because your sonic slingshot
sent signals to their soul

that reverberated in a way
that was total rock and roll

it’s a rocky road
not doubt about
but i’ll see you when i get there
leading the blind
with a c-cktoos mind
and giving you a breath of fresh air

just 1

beat drops for 1 second

bless you
hand you a hankerchief
hiding a harpoon
shoot right through your skull
til it lands
on the
dark side of the moon

bipolar babboon
in the brooklyn zoo
stuck inside my mind
has yours been caged lately too?

let’s get out!
i have the key
this weed
this sh-t is deep
we keep it bleep
not from the street
but still gonna try to pave the road
cause noone knows
where it goes
i sure did’nt
pure talent
your malice
ask alice
-ss callous
past challenge
-ss laughing
m-ss slaughter
fat daughter
bat caught her
rat gnawed her
my jaw hurts
on your nerves
add ourderves
and desert
deserted on a tiny rock
with the mind of a tootooc-ck
how am i supposed to navigate
when i sniffed so much glue
my brain is stuck?

time’s rewinding
light are blinding
kind of exciting
i’m unwinding
burst of lightning
sounds of thunder
got caught up in a whirl wind
with sticky bud
now where under

his house
this cloud
p-ssed now
is how
i never know when to f-cking stop
guess now


scrambled attention
random erections
make every b-tch in the place
stand in attention

rabid inventions
sonic f-cking mastery
my pen rolls down souls
like it was a tank/ master p

hoody whoooooo
hoody who?
chuck luck
that’s who
and glue
is all i need
to f-cking defeat you

plus a piece of cheese
for the rat in me
not a backstabber
but i’ll stab you in the front for free
like a jackhammer
everyone else seems dumb to me