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charli baltimore – hey charli lyrics


hey charli

[guy] hey charli, hey charli, hey charli
[guy] she’s unbelievable and she wit
[chb] i-n-c

[guy] hey charli
[chb] catch me runnin red lights, n-gg-z beamin they headlights
[guy] hey charli
[chb] 187 be the digits only numbers you getting n-gg-
[guy] hey charli
[chb] see me with the angels, -ss from all angles
[guy] she’s unbelievable and she wit
[chb] i-n-c

[verse 1]
we throw a club in the clique n-gg-
i need a thug and a drink
scream “the inc” till i’m “gone” like n’sync
b-tches born for the scene
-ss fat like it was born in them jeans
they come on to my team
now we on to a scheme
ready for the tape on
face on
-ss is up never
gl-sses up better
f-ck it we brown paper baggin off the wagon
see who worth taggin
i play wit em but no slidin off
im watchin him expression as i’m ridin off
play 2-way tag but i’m not for baggin
who press cats? me
i was back like jet lagan
your f-ckin wit a i.g. -ssociate
want a dose of it?
can’t come close to it
keep it brief like our game is been
with more alb-ms i score see who worth more


[verse 2]
now i play gats, knives wit em cause i love to chase
22″s on the lex got em lovin my taste
love ta pace
mac doors got em lovin my face
38″ on the waste you wastin wit your place
i don’t know you better then i don’t show you
but who’s behind my chicks
never mind
never mind we never find one worth the energy
my angels on hennessey thinking they see enemy
so keep it spinnin like rule records on radios
even out the ratio 7 and 1
all chicks from the front and the back
all cliques aw sh-t we here whenever we near
sweetheart i aint tryna swell you let me tell you
if you can bitter or spit me you can hit me
sh-t i aint met one yet
aint settlin foot to the pedal and cats keep on yellin


[verse 3]
can go deeper then replies on the beeper
ill work wit ya but lemme see if i fit ya
im more complex then dinner and a movie
n-gg- you gotta move me
a b-tch kinda moody
so what’s the plan of action
get it crakin
what u working wit lets see if i can work wit it
im no amateur game master
he has ta lay the mack down a little faster b-st-rd
too slow and i’m dustin em one up
play the hood till the sun up they run up in
im skirtin no flirtin
i aint checkin em n-gg-z still got the plot thickenin (thickenin)

[chorus – repeat 2x]