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charlie winsmore – backyard baseball rap lyrics



[charlie winsmore]
it was just yesterday i was playing backyard baseball
with my uhh.. com-


i don’t-
here we go
it was all a dream
i used to play with pablo sanchez on my team
and then, rolled up we were playing song bat (ah f-ck)
i got ernie steele too in the dugout and he gonna
hit the bat with you
and, i got dimitri on the bench
he (baseballbat!) comes out gonna hit you with the bench
kimmi’s up next she gonna hit a home run
i told you man i’m number one

sucteaj is the number one team in the league (league)
come with me and you and might get a little pee in your pants
so you better wear your diapers to the game
you know you got diapers cuz you’re a little baby [?]
i used to play backyard baseball with my brother
then he pulled [?] a game for me
and i gotta know (and i gotta know)
cuz he’s a bully sometimes and i hate it (baseballbat!)
sometimes i go to the games and just slay it

take the bat baseball bat to the ball (ball)
and then i hit a homerun over the left fence wall

(ugh) (doh)

you know very well
backyard baseball
don’t let them hold you down
bat for the wall

you- you had the ball
and then you batted it
you were the best batter
on backyard baseba(l-ugh)

[verse 2: charlie winsmore]
and i was playing basketball (aw f) in the field
and then they asked me to a baseball duel
and i said yeah, i love the baseb-lls rule

i was playing with pablo sanchez and he hit a home run
over the left fence wall and i p-(doh)
sometime i (dooh) hit a home run over the left fence ra-(dooh) ( (charlie:why was that there!?))
and the crowd goes wild (doooh)
and i go in style (doooh) around (dooooh) the base
cuz i’m a stylish guy
i wear frog ties
and gucci suits
and then i- my bat might make the news
cuz my team[?] (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat)
cuz she watched the game
and dad was there (thhhhhhhhhhhhhe)

pablo sanchez at the plate
let’s see if he can make another date, with fate
home run’s coming and you know it
and i go to the girls and i show my dic-(baseballbat!) out
( (charlie: i can’t do it! i can’t!)

you know very well
backyard baseball

don’t let them hold your bat
reach for the fence

you had a bat and then you swing it
and you’ll hit a home run
with pablo sanchez

[verse 3: charlie winsmore]

supernintendo couldn’t play the game
pablo sanchez is a home run hitter
sega genesis couldn’t play the game
only pc could and that’s that

now have a good time with your dad and that
take your bat to the field and swing it
ernie steele is in left field
he can’t catch the ball he’s a
big idiot

lance- call me by my name
my name’s charlie boy and i’m here to say
rap is good if it has no swears (swears)

henry’s baseball gonna give me a tryout for the dodgers (dreams)
if i swing the bat i might make it
play for the dodgers and b-tt naked-
( (charlie: god stop the f-cking track. where is it!? where’s my cursor?? .. there it is)
fielding sometimes it gets real hard (hard)
can’t get the ball
cuz you got sand in your eye (ouch)
the diamond is made of sand it’s pretty bad (ouch)
don’t get it in your eye it hurts (ouch)
trust me i had to have my mom put water (thanks mom)
in my eye and i hurt for hours (ouch)

then i went and took a shower
thanks dad- – –
it was nice (ugh), the hot water was hot
but i didn’t mind (it’s ok)
if it’s not cold it’s good
sometimes you get (baseballbat!) pow