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chase – ice alert lyrics


[part 1]

yea, look, uh
i don’t wanna loose
it’s so hard to choose
it just can’t be me and you
st-tches on bruises
how can you not see the light in that darkness
stepping on stones with no thoughts of a lifetime yea
i think you can have it your way
that’s what my momma told me that day
you can’t make’em stay
these sounds that you play with
hope they get you your bread
i remember it all
feeding my mind all that junk in the stores
realizing life ain’t trip to the moon
or tickets to see how my life will be soon!

i got it though

[verse 1]
i don’t f-ck witchu hoes
i know my demons are hungry for more
i’m after what life have forbidden you all
can’t f-ck around on this life that i chose
can’t do no right for the n-ggs that left
i guess i’m around as vessel of blessings
lotta of you don’t really get my intentions
pull up on you if i don’t get fully paid, yea
i came up like a wave my n-gguh
i know your lotta ways but i pave mine n-gguh
i’m doin what i said gotta let this ice inside
it be your own that want your head fly with us!

after the show is the after party and
after the party is the crib where shorty at
after the crib then it’s prolly this
pool in the livin’ room f-ck you b-tch

i know n-ggs with no love to spread
when all there is is a void it gets dark as it can
i know b-tches with both legs to spread
when all there is is but love confusion speaks in disguise
i’m popping pills on the side
this ain’t no mind on my mind
kept thinking how’d i do fine
sh-t’s wastin lotta of my time yea
i’m wasting lotta of my time
i’m wasting lotta of my time

[part 2]

pool in the livin’ room f-ck you in the other room
pool in the livin’ room f-ck you in the other room

[verse 2]
i hear the noise of the crowd when they say chase is around
they’d probably do what i want
they ain’t scared to say they love me just to keep me in town
they prolly paid a lot to see me living life that i chose
i laugh when i want
i got people for jokes
i got people catching bullets when they aim for the heart
fresh wounds into scars
god does protect from afar
i saw my life as a dream and now that dream is my life
i’on know n-body
that’s doin this just like me
wrote a song for my bros and it goes just like this
all that trust should be yours you can’t trust n-body naaah

just wake me up if i’m dream
this typa life got no meaning
i thought i knew how this whole thing works
i should prolly go home!, yea
i should prolly go home now
home now yea