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cheddah – out of fvckz (o.o.f) lyrics


[verse 1: cheddah]

if i die today, don’t burry me , freeze me! and bring me back in the future/
strength of a hundred man, speed of a falling star, this energy got me feeling like dracula/

she’s calling me on marvin’s room??!! , gave her that brain freeze ,i’m probably the coldest/
get off my testis!!
your betty/ wants to take a selfie /
but i told her ” naaaahh remember the moment !” /
i got to be reckless !! /
restless / until i break records/
one at the time , not chasing two rabbits /
when i was young i was crowed but my head was too small so i kept that shit on my neck like a necklace /
rappers can turn to groupies /
your actions don’t match with your words like them chinese movies/
i’m about to end your life completely /
every time i’m in the lab they pushing my b-ttons like dee-dee /

[chorus : cheddah]

they hatin’ on this team but its all good /
we gonna’ be just fine, they hated on jesus too…
aslong as we stay ambitious/ paint a million pictures/
its us against the world .. if you’re not by our side , you’ll die!!

oh my oh my gad , man i’m out of f-ckz (gad,gad) x4

[verse 2 : cheddah]
no lucks, all about the hustle/ the struggle/ making us humble/
just few pieces away to finish the puzzle/
i think its funny how you all that online but you really nothing without your bundles (ooohhhhhh) /

forgiveness is whack / success is the best revenge /its quite beautiful (beautiful! beautiful!) /
i wish you could grab something like a bukay in someone else’s funeral (funeral! funeral!)/
“u” will be next like the letter “t” /
don’t ever mess with t-rex/ don’t ever test my energy /
don’t you know? / i own the flow/
hoes like you belong on the jerry springer show/
no f-ckz given !! / show up in a all white party dressed in black with no invitation/
the whole team is lit / don’t f-ck with my click /
we on some other shit/ (we on some other shit , huh)

[chorus : cheddah]

they hatin’ on this team but its all good/
we gonna’ be just fine they hated on jesus too…
as long as we stay ambitious /
paint a million picture/ its just us against the world , if youre not by our side ,youll die!!
oh oh my gad man im outta f-ckz (x4)