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cheesestick – losin my mind lyrics


[verse 1]
i’m living in world full of my demons
to much on me to handle till the end it’s hard to breath in
this poison it’s currupting my brain
but wasn’t really sane to begin with
get me angry and i rage like a behemoth
best believe it
sick and tired of just losing people
if we got people thinking they gods than we ain’t equal
i’m just tired of this bullshit
when you suffer with my thoughts you got no time for all that school shit
that’s the struggle
no time to argue cuz i got my reb-ttal
reality ain’t so happy sorry to be the one to burst your bubble
always watch my step cuz they trynna see me stumble
and that’s some real shit, on my mind it keeps me humble
now i’m trynna set the record straight
that imma make my records great
cuz all these wack -ss rappers with their trash out here cannot relate
i don’t believe in destiny i only make my own fate
headed to infinity that timeline got no date
started seeing differently at age seven maybe eight?
i’m still so god d-mn lucky to have gotten food upon my plate
cuz some kids don’t know if mama dead or she just late
but still n-body giving they just take
and that’s some realness
when all these people live in fearness
they need some love and terms of endearment
not be treated like spare parts
mind racing like go karts
diagnosed me with broke heart
cuz with that you can’t go far…

to all the boys and girls that live around the world
speak up a little bit so your voices can be heard
we is living in a world where kindness is absurd
we can all start a motion with noise of one word
now grab a tether
to come together
with a lil bit of effort we can make the world better
but i guess that y’all don’t really care since, you always say whatever

[verse 2]
always thinking one way but your thoughts they should be different
why you got judge somebody based upon they pigment?
hold up, don’t you think that shit be ignant?
smoking got its stigmas
only weed can solve my brains enigma
that’s the sadness
cuz you except a person to live with all this madness?
k!lling all the poor so you can chill and live it lavish?
no peasant throwing stones
come down and off your thrown
and i’ll let you know
that imma break your bones
by speaking
through a microphone
there ain’t no right or wrong
when pushing all this kush and drinking alcohol
i came from middle cl-ss but b-tch i’m trynna ball
and no more wasting time
there ain’t no time to stall
at all
cuz it’s a calling
shooting star but ain’t no falling
making history through time
to many thoughts in this b-tch
i lost my mind
but i get it all back through the art of rhyme