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cheet – y u wearin glasses lyrics


(verse 1)
k!ll myself on tinychat
lookin for da bae like,”where he at?”
ugly b-tches get no love and that’s why i’m so lonely
so, i pick up the phone
to see where the plug be
roll a blunt on my yoga mat
then smoke while meditatin
lookin at these dusty b-tches like d-mn.. y u hatin?
i’ll be your cyber bae
go on a cyber date
i’ll let you cyber play
wit my cyber wait…

(verse 2)
back at it again, and i forgot…
i dont need no f-ckin friends
and thats “other peoples money”
i’m a god ;ike yeezy said, “uh huh honey”
fiji wata queen
i’ll do bad all by myself
p-ssy boi dont want war
its no good for your health
got the squad at the door
now you p-ssin on yo pant
a 15 year old skripper and
bands will make ha dance

so f-ckin young to have so much hatred
but im smokin on a j, so it’s all good baby babyyy
3d, can you see me?
i unlocked ya heart cause i stole the key
ruff ryda ruff ryda
f-ck wit my crew u gon b dun-da-da
cheet cheet cheet
im f-ckin ya ho
off da sh-ts like i just did blow

hatin -ss n-ggas say “f-ck angel mobb”
loser -ss n-gga, no money and no job
hate all u want cus it dont bother me
sendin url hate on a computer screen
yall some internet haters
imma irl k!ller
this p-ssy boi dont want war just pull the f-ckin trigger