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chefboyardede – hello, hello lyrics


[produced by mufλsλ]

look me in my eyes and what do you see

[chorus 1]
h-llo, h-llo, h-llo, h-llo, h-llo
walk on the beat like its jello, jello
ya can’t stop me call me oth-llo
oh h-ll no
my range deeper than that n-gg- melo’s

h-llo, h-llo, h-llo, h-llo, h-llo
look at my knees you may wanna see grow
tryna stack homer simpsons cause i need dough
or cheetos
mean the cheese better than my french hoe

just listen

[verse 1]
this that kick back lay down old school
pro tool arranged for my vocals
flow cool the waves in my own pool
boy just stop it
three years ahead i’m the prophet
i make profit on this hop shit
call me hop hip
reverse chronology on the sound bit
ouch a hit
yeah that clip hurt
voice meaner than the kid fred durst
time too enter my purge
grab the artillery time to get to work
this world not safe
the place you wanna be there is no escape
i seen people die right before my face
there soul was misplaced
i can’t keep it real enough
the tough ones always had it real rough
the short bus for us
thats what i call it
no wallet was broker than a runny faucet
but then i learned to pay my own mortgage
always speaking the truth like i’m i’m i’m paul pierce

[chorus 2]
h-llo, h-llo, h-llo, h-llo, h-llo
welcome to a world where you can’t be a nice fellow
oh well tho
gotta stay strapped with the sh-lls yo
like my ninja donatello

h-llo, h-llo, h-llo, h-llo, h-llo
bring it to the dirty south that’s fo sho
this can’t be familiar but we know
or we go
anywhere my chips turn into fritos (free throws)

[verse 2]
n-gg-s die for a status quo
i can’t believe the overflow
of tv shows depicting jim crows
nothing change from long ago?
no humanity so i lay low
rather listen to j. cole
while i eat sloppy joe
before i have to see another hammer throw
k!lling my people though
n-gg-s can’t stay alive
when all we wanna do is strive
prosper and live p-ss the age of 25
but i won’t lie
mike brown eric garner in the sky
ima have a voice for ya
this has been going on for years
so my people all races
lets join hands and look in those faces
and smile with graces
before we the next to be hit with the maces
the maces, the maces, the maces


h-llo, h-llo, h-llo, h-llo, h-llo (4x)