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chester the cheetah – flamin’ hot diss track lyrics


[intro – chester cheetah]
doritos is dropping flamin’ hot… woah ima need a minute

[verse 1 – chester cheetah]
come on doritos, you can’t rep the flamin’ hot name
watch your step, i’m the og in the snack game
you claim triangle, i made you square
you had to borrow my heat just to make the world care
you got celebs and a remix song
but like a bag of cheetos, you won’t last long
so next time you try to take what i got
remember i’m flamin’ hot, and your flamin’ not
i’m sayin’, you better watch the throne
king chester the hottest cheetah that you’ve ever known
i’m extra flamin’ hot
you can’t tell me nothin
i’m bringing back asteroids
think i’m bluffin’?