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chezi – nose bleed lyrics


all these n+ggas soft, yeah they feminine
got caught red handed but i’m innocent
i just play the game, sega genesis
everything i drop, it get […] just like many men
heard he got the bands in this house, we gon’ hit it then
spent like 5 thou, got a house out in michigan
servin’ p’s of that powder like i’m ghost n+gga
in the mountains mr. freeze i ain’t snow n+gga
this sh+t shoutin’ got some loud out in memphis city
i was in n’ out the shower ’cause my phone kept on ringing
would a been a real n+gga but yo n+gga told
shoutout kc spray a n+gga like its kenneth colе
we don’ lost so many n+ggas i be numb to this sh+t
been taught so many lessons i’d bе dumb to forget
finna buss her down cause she got me feelin that way
play it safe n+ggas hate when you win in their face

boy like jerry rice
chezi mr freeze got a heart of ice
i ain’t nothin nice
always […] shinin like a […]