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chic raw – back to back (freestyle) lyrics


my style reminds n-gg-s how i came up, day through the night shift
razor and a scale, a whole plate full of white shit
fresh white on white kicks, fitted to the side
i used to wonder like stevie, no ribbon in the sky
just curious on why i was living less fortunate
and when the rain fell, i was always getting caught in it
pain, it was torturing, me, i had plenty
trying to double up on my worker down to my last penny
catch me where the paper at, posted by the [?] spot
little n-gg-s watching for undies, they like to creep a lot
half of my people knocked, serving the cities
other half done played the curb with the blickers
look, word to my n-gg-s, i hit the weed until it feel like i’m dozing
heart colder, start to feel like it’s frozen, shoot the steel in the open
’til it’s smoking, give a f-ck about an eye witness
hit a n-gg- point blank range and have his thighs twitching
it’s for my city, meek ain’t paid me for a single bar
just in case you try to say that we ain’t swing at all
come to your town where i know you got the safest streets
right in toronto, blow your shit all on the maple leaf
d-ckriding ab like you’re f-cking feeding obh
them same n-gg-s will rob you soon as you show your plate
look at this fraud n-gg- trying to use a philly p-wn
you really f-ck with my n-gg-, ab, then put him on
i peep how you be groupies with them athletes
blushing in their pics like you want d-ck all in your -ss cheeks
and you’re supposed to be the 6 god
of ovo, all we know, these n-gg-s b-tch squad
the hit squad, yeah we carry them things
drizzy thinking he charged up, will get his battery drained
yeah, two hammers, get the licking with those
like your hook, how you running through the 6 with your woes
pussy n-gg-, i ain’t getting exposed
ain’t no

cr man
y’all already know
young legend
free [?] n-gg-
signing the f-ck off