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chief keef – can’t wait (remake) lyrics


can’t wait
f-ck n-gg-, can’t wait x3

can’t wait
f-ck n-gg-, can’t wait
i can’t wait to catch his -ss and shoot him in his face
i can’t wait to let these sh-lls put him in a case
i can’t wait to get that check today
spent the other one yesterday, n-gg-
i can’t wait
i get too much d-mn guap
get another one tomorrow
i can’t wait

walk up on st. lawrence
with this gat b-tch i’m blowing
f-ck n-gg- keep talking
then imma get to shouting
b-tch i still got this ice
tadoe got that mother f-cking pipe
smoking f-cking tooka
catch that f-ck n-gg- on sight
im a shark in the ocean
pop a flat then im rolling and toting
catch a opp i blow his f-cking face
mexicans, blacks, and race, every race
pull of then we racing
see the cops now they chasing us
we don’t give a f-ck
been doing this shit from since 061
ask me what the f-ck i got next
flexing n-gg- in this f-cking shit
my chopper look like big glo
don’t make me run up in your shit