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chief keef – skit lyrics


[spoken word: michael blackson & (dj holiday)]
sick and tired of this player hatin n-gg-s, trying to hate on my n-gg-, he is doing big things
motherf-ckah is godd-mn twelve years old and got a baby already, he doing big sh-t, motherf-ckah
he going to be the youngest grandfather in the world, but that’s my n-gg- with f-cked up eyes and dreadlocks looking like rg2
but it’s not about me, it’s about this f-cking bangin’ -ss music, you’re about to listen to right now, so get jiggy with this sh-t, you punk b-tches
all these n-gg-s trying to hate on this n-gg- from the chi-town, this n-gg- chief keef is sh-ttin’ on everybody, but before the mixtape come out he might be the f-ck back in jail, don’t go to jail, motherf-ckah
but if you go to jail, don’t drop the soap