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childish gambino – baby doll lyrics


[chorus: repeat 2x]
you’re my babydoll, i’ll hold you closer
i’ll hold you closer, just like i’m supposed to
know i got what you need [4x]

i’m a weird dude, but you like me
give other girls shocks like nikes
i know i’m always on the road, you can type me
and if you don’t do that, you can skype me
i’m a big kid, and you know that
but it don’t make me happy so we blow dat
can i make time? i don’t really know
cause you seem p-ssed off when i go to shows
i never really had a girl like dis
but i ain’t never had a girl who could keep interest
the things that i do, the things that i wanna be
i know i’m hardheaded, can’t see things in front of me
i’m gonna be the best, you can believe that
so try an understand when i have to leave that
when i’m done, i’ma give you the call
don’t you know sugar, you my sugar babydoll


i love you both, can’t you tell?
i love her lights, i love the smell
but i think you kinda know i got a girl on the side
she pay for my house and she pay for my ride
she give me nice things and she make me feel good
she give me a little cash and i spend it on you
she my sugar momma, only with her for the money
but you know it’s untrue cause i talk about her funny
sat-rday nights, i’m supposed to be with you
but instead i’m in bed with the stage and the crew
she laughs at my jokes, she tell me i’m cute
she tells me if we together we make a little loot
but i know i couldn’t have her if i didn’t have you
and i know sometimes i don’t make curfew
you know i’d never ever ever try to hurt you
i’m a just try to do what i gotta do