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children of the night – kids from queens lyrics


[verse 1: remy banks]
right ear still ringing, yes n-ggas is still hatin’
always wishing me the best but they don’t wanna see me make it
fake love, i don’t condone it so i brush ’em to the side
like i’m balding with no rogaine, fans snortin’ my lyrics
like they doing lines of cocaine, get they hearts pumpin’ faster
reading every line like a novel, next chapter
and my legacy, catch me at a party smoking
just a sip of henessey, of course i’m repping queens
and that’s from now until infinity, remember that
like a safe code, a vivid memory of when you used to sell o’s
building character to stable, when the time comes
i’ll never fold, me and my lady just counting bank rolls
got a runway model rolling up the cali- smoke
sparking and put it on to the realest sh-t i ever wrote
and there you have it, the sh-t so majestic
flow’s so wild, it could never be called domestic

[hook] 2x
now why they hatin’ on these kids from queens?
huh? because we k!llin’ ’em, godd-mn we k!llin’ em

[verse 2: lansky jones]
i’m lyrically a knockout, like never before
like a glitch in xbox, punch my hands through the wall
i’m box rap act’s fantastic gift, always on point
like cactuses, write a 16 run the track
in some 90’s airmax’s, place ’em by the door
i got that army of shoebox money under mattresses
anything i gotta do, i’mma do, graduate top of my cl-sses
this an uphill battle, no pacifist, word i’mma loose
i go to work like a father, it bothers you, no clue
why it do, with everything i’ve earned i’ve had a lot to prove
haters i’ve burned, earn homie, wait for your turn
i play these n-ggas like board games in commer’s
counting all star n-ggas converse like sneakers
yo they boxed in, never seen the bloc, dead stalk
common as a g.r., i got no words
i be like all courts, i think they better go soul search

[hook] 2x

[verse 3: nasty nigel]
i swear to god with all my might
i drink a case of 40’s, go to your crib, and p-ss on site
everybody wants a n-gga with malice to plot against ’em
you prolly bring a wish on you, wishing for armageddon
middle fingers for f-ckers who want it for performing
remy yellin’ “hit ’em guys,” the feds swarming
dislike b-tton on youtube, i take a sh-t
inside of your food too, go vegetate like fruit
you corona bread, g.o.d., i wee wee
dimes spent on a.c.t., love rv
black and red leather attire, we be the wolf pack
we hear that wolf quack race of a father, chico
i’m with the black puerto ricans, barrio you creepin’
with n-ggas on the flip season
i can’t f-ck with your kind, breathing
sock you in the mouth, try sneezing

[hook 2x]