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chill510 – chill summer lyrics


[verse 1: chill]

where i live is just a sunny place
the califor’ then the n i a
ya’ sunny boy always throwin’ shade, a light mistake but its good we got go our way
sad like my dad, he the hide and seek king, but i’m coo’ middle finger to the games he play
sitting’ on the rug, got me playing’ playstation, now i’m 18 got me thinking will i make it
i do it for the love, see the love for the music, involve with the money you can never get confuse with
me, never, nine eight till whenever, almani don’t you see ya’ nigga getting’ clever, i hover
weed make a nigga elevate, body been on earth but my minds another state, third eye peekin’ got me feeling like a sage, you a serpent, otherwise you jus a f-ckin’ snake
no dealer but i see it crystal clear, looking’ in my eyes you will never see the fear’ hopes for my dreams, f-ck the world i preserver, no magician but found a way to make you disappear
its a b-mmer, how we bout’ to take the summer, show y’all motherf-ckas how we all came together


” talking about how we would get our respect”