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chinx – who do you love (remix) lyrics


chinx! aye, n-gg-, get the f-ck out the car
it’s a jack move, n-gg-

[verse 1: chinx]
i’m the n-gg-, i’m the n-gg-, i’m the n-gg-, hoe
with the miami cuban, but i started wit a figaro
i’m the n-gg-, i’m the n-gg-, hoe
that be dunkin’ on a p-ssy, but tonight i’m just gon’ finger, oh
said he run out, how he figure, oh?
even yo own b-tch tell ya c-ke boyz run the city, yo
n-gg-s know that i get busy, tough
hundred rounds run how fast n-gg-s could get fifty though
pull the n-gg-s by the coat-el, call the shots
my koreans do my fingers and my toe nails
move the white if the dope fail, if i get knocked
then i know my n-gg- frenchie got me, he gon’ post bail
plankin’ on a cat, then i dive off, k!ll it? i’mma catch a 1-8-7, and then drive off
shawty know i’ve got the p-ssy in the chokehold
blacks frienda pull the freaks by the polo

[hook: yg] x5
b-tch, who do ya love?

[verse 2: yg]
i’m that n-gg- with the plugs
i’m the n-gg- who got homies that be sellin’ drugs
i’m the n-gg- on the back street
with the fat heat, n-gg-s better run like athletes
i’m that n-gg-, i’m that n-gg-
my bank of america account got six figures
i’m that n-gg- on the block
police pull up, i’m tryna stash the glock
you that n-gg- on the low-low
you’re the n-gg-, you’re the one that be talkin’ to the po-pos
porsche sittin’ on forgi’s
n-gg-s can’t afford these
the panamera sh-ttin’ on the 9-11
i call my homies, not 911
i’m the n-gg- with the juice
but i’ll never do my n-gg- like pac did q

[hook: yg] x5
b-tch, who do you love?

[verse 3: drake]
i got a shorty name texas syn
she got a buddy named young jb and now you know the deal
we turnt up in the studio late night
that’s why the songs that you hear are comin’ real tight
ovo crew, n-gg-, thought i told you
if you a player in the game, this should hold you
and man shout my n-gg- game he just rolled through
eatin’ crab out in malibu at n-bu
a lot of fools puttin’ salt in the game
until these women get the notion that they runnin’ the game
they got money that they jumpin’ on the pole to make
did the motto, took a flight to the golden state
i’m the general, just makin’ sure my soldiers straight
had to leave my n-gg-, homie got an open case
but i’m big on the west like i’m big in the south
so we gon’ pay some people off, we gon’ figure it out
and my name too big, and my gang too big
young money sh-t, me and lil wayne too big
i’mma crush that -ss even if it ain’t too big
i would pinky swear but my pinky ring too big

[hook: yg] x10
b-tch, who do you love?

n-gg- we straight and we hood
ain’t n-body ever gave us sh-t
when you see us shinin’ it’s because we steady grindin’
we stay paper chasin’
separatin’ the real from the fake
the fake from the real
we livin’ to die and dyin’ to live!
n-gg-, that’s why we got so many women
i’m tryna go deep, hit them -sscheeks
bust them guts, make her c-m
b-tch, you know the game!
ain’t a motherf-ckin’ thing change!
b-tch! who do you love!?