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chiobu workout - chao ah gua lyrics


kanina chao cheebye!
chao ahgua!


ah gua!ah gua!ah gua!

i acknowledge that what consenting adults do in private is their personal affair and the
government should not intervene
now, 15 years later attitudes have sh+sh+sh+shifted
g+y people are now better accepted in singapore
should s+x between men in private be a criminal offence?

i mean call me an ah gua all you want, in fact you should be thankful that i’m an ah gua you know
can you imagine if i was a guy?
and i was your competition?

s+x between men should not be a criminal offеnce

the governmеnt will repeal section 377a and decriminalise s+x between men
repeal! repeal! repeal! repeal! repeal!
i hate +n+l

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