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chip tha ripper – be a model lyrics


be a model
(feat. c-mack)

[verse 1:]
she was on world star b-tt naked
had to be 18 or older just to check it
she got baby oil on in her bedroom
bunch of dirty laundry all across her bed dude
the head rude, super dome
she backstage but she ain’t no groupie homes
now you know that’s a lie, she ready for whatever
she’ll f-ck you good and if you pay her, she’ll f-ck you better
i’m a dog, b-tch – can you take a bone
she on model mayhem with too much makeup on
her and a girl, 2 going at once, plural
we in the hotel and i’m making it rain euros
she stop giving me head and said “what’s these?”
i said “my bad, b-tch. i just came back from overseas.”
and while she out here tryna f-ck for a buck
i got this other b-tch tryna f-ck for a truck

[hook: x2]
shawty wanna be a model
she on the internet going full throttle
shawty wanna be a model
she on the internet going full throttle

[verse 2:]
bad b-tch from brazil, spoke portuguese
she might even let you crack her if you worth some cheese
out in ibiza, we smoking trees
ain’t paying for that ho p-ssy, paying that ho to leave
don’t get me misunderstood, yes the pimping is good
got a b-tch in the ‘burbs, got a b-tch in the hood
legs up, hit it from the front door
gave her a encore and she still want more
this b-tch talking ’bout take her out to eat on me
my cali b-tches got that ebt, they eat for free
ain’t nothing better than good food and crazy dome
she said f-ck that r&b, go throw that jay-z on
long as her hair together, long as her purse is lou
nighttime stripper, daytime nursing school
she put her favorite song on and ripped them clothes off
told her girl to film on the iphone while she goes off

[hook x2]

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