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chip tha ripper – whoa lyrics


[verse 1:]
yeaah, slab ent boyy, sov letsgo-
bring it back to the middle of the map
where the st. claire n-gg-z stay strapped my hood sooo cold
my area colder, scarier colder but yall n-gg-z dont fold
every n-gg- on the grind who stackin, always come back frontin like he pose
slidin on them 4’s riding smoking lookin for the hoes
everywhere i go n-gg-z always like d-mn i aint never seen those
you call it style
but i took a vow to keepin the freshest kicks off my toes
and i don’t know how
but they just got wow
and tear that b-tch down at all of my shows
its like god control the show
hands up high here we go…

[verse 2:]
that sh-t aint in stores
where did he go to get all of his clothes
b-tch i don’t even leave home this dc be showin up right to my door
then i put it on, kush for cologne and head for the door
o and louis vuitton throw some of that on and go get yo hoe
lets hop in that cadillac bustin my n-gg- we hittin the road
and i got a cold lil female rollin the diesel, dog you kno i stay blowed
thuggin and theivin, b-tch im from cleveland
d-mn that’s prolly why im so cold
yea that’s prolly why im so cold
hands up high here we go