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chri$ palace – i am the greates freestyle lyrics


[verse 1: treezus]

tell me where the cookies at
hit my plug and he coming through with the goodie bags
hoes on me everyday, golden question should he smash
im only f-cking with the ones who keep they pussy waxed
same shit, different day, it’s a cycle
i spite fools, light doobs, write tunes, shoot the rifle
if a nigga talk, i see em’ tryna walk my walk
and if a nigga steal my flow i got twenty mo in the vault
life’s a game and you ain’t ever touching my controller
i’ll leave you all in caskets like the beats i’m rhyming over
your time is over, my prime is higher than ayatollahs
the trip you tryna get’s the life i live, i’m never sober
i’m gettin’ older, more respected yet more neglected
but if you flexin’ or question i’ll teach yo -ss a lesson
i’m now a teacher, speak ether when cl-ss in session
knowledge is power nigga, you can’t trade cash for blessings
p-ss the message to yo brethren, let em know w-ssup
you can’t step inside my arena if you don’t know enough
if you still dissin’, feel the venom from the cobra clutch
then i’ll take your girl and stuff her like she an open dutch
so stop postin’ up, cuz you ain’t wid the shits
f-ck a ratin’ man tell em haters to witness this
kid elevatin’, no penetratin’ the lyricist
i walked with god, i talked with satan, i’m infinite
arigato for the hands of pic-sso
now the niggas that i hit with the pen, i turn to fossils
i’m the 13th apostle if i ain’t jesus, that’s just my thesis
i’m nice but tear yo pieces if you giving reasons
if you still breathin’ i’ll start believing virgins conceiving babies
i’m lurkin’ between these ladies
they irkin’ for me, they crazy
they all on their knees to praise me
i’m hurtin’ the ones who play me
i’m burnin’ this reefer daily
now f-ck niggas bow and praise me
spliff to the head, now i’m in my zone
chick in my bed, get head cuz i’m best off the dome
kissin’ on my neck, she touching on my abdominals
squeezing on her br–sts, i swear that pussy phenomenal
f-ck b-tch niggas tryna test cuz it’s impossible
you ain’t ready for the texts i’m stacking in my -rs-nal
it’s illogical, my chronicles are too unstoppable
i’m putting obstacles in the hospital, that’s not optional