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chris orrick – smoke rings lyrics


[verse 1]
i like to dream about the pretty things
i like to drink until i fall asleep
now i could never blow a smoke ring
i got some secrets that i know you’ll keep
cause me and you will probably live forever
i wish that i could buy you nice shit
and if a moment comes that we should sever
you can imagine how my nights get
instead i think about a lake cabin
where nobody else could bother us
i used to think about how fate happens
i think i’m born with my father’s luck
see you and me will be forever young
while our bodies sit and rot away
one day i’ll learn to blow a smoke ring and run
i got a feeling that it’s not today

and when they find us on the beach with a smiling summer breeze, we can remind them of their dreams
and when the rest of them are left with a hole up in their chest, we can know we did our best
we dream about love, we dream about life, we dream about us, we dream about nights
where i can just escape, we can run away
if nothing else, motherf-cker, i dream

[verse 2]
nobody told us how it all would end
every story ends in disappointment
hang out with strangers that i call my friends
the ride is over, hope that you enjoyed it
i used to be a sentimental guy
i used to think about a happy future
a happy wife and a happy life
look at that bullshit that you’re doing to her
i went to pay a visit to my mother’s grave
they’ll feel the same shit at another wake
and still we never put a gravestone
just an angel that the weather ruined
maybe they’ll make a film about me
but i live a boring sitcom
one day i’ll learn to blow a smoke ring
for now, i’m fine getting shit on


“so after all is said and done
after all the complaining and the crying and all the f-cking bullshit
is this all there is?”