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chris orrick – windows lyrics


[verse 1]
you texted me in the morning, something simple, said you loved me and your job was f-cking boring
i said “ditto”, asked about the weather- this plant don’t have any windows
brain cloudy like they forecasting
but we woke up optimistic feeling last night’s orgasms
you asked me how i felt, i said “i’m sick”
drank a half a fifth of admiral nelson’s- the poor captains
you asked me if it ever get better
wasn’t sure how to answer but i couldn’t say never
so, gave you a “maybe” – you reply with a sad face
but when your life is from 26 years of bad breaks
it’s hard to be hopeful, hard to imagine or see anything change so
instead i wrote you, and told you everything would be okay

now all i got’s a dollar and my name
and lately both are feeling worthless
its hard to hope without a window open
i’m living broke but i’m not living broken

[verse 2]
i texted my brother said “what the f-ck is up?”
he said he’s working but other than its nothing much
told him i needed money
he said “how f-ckin’ much?”
“just for a couple weeks, a couple hundred bucks”
soon as he told me yes, i thought about
how embarr-ssing it is when feeling down and out
so i apologized, i said “it’s not alright
you’re my little brother, one day i’ll make it right
but i still need the money though”
he responded with a “lol”- it isn’t funny though
cause i don’t know what the hell i’m doing
been doing this for so long it’s feeling normal
i think i relate with that caged bird
that wanted to escape from this gray world
when offered his chance to finally go, he decided to stay- whats the point without hope?