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chris salazar – fuego lyrics



yeah. yeah. live from the 248
dh. yeah

verse 1
you know how i’m rocking
when them boys
they be talking
i be sliding
i be dripping
them stacks too thick
can’t fit up in my pocket
she be topping
got that asian pussy
shit be kicking
bruce lee
shit got me weak
i be f-cking with these dudes
you ain’t f-cking with the crew
if you want the beef
i come through
don’t tweet shit
you weak b-tch
hundreds in my pocket
i be eating right
all these rappers sound the same
who is who?
im back to the bars
y’all be lying on the mic
soft -ss boy
be crying on the mic
ain’t no stopping me
1 of 1 yoba
you ain’t copping these
im blessed up
better vest up
you ain’t from where i’m from
im dripped up
and i’m dripped out
h town know what i’m talking bout
im a different breed
bow to the king
what you need?
we be serving fiends
i be swerving lanes
you a f-cking lame
i ain’t f-cking playing
y’all don’t know my name???
they were clowning me
now my d-ck up in their mouth
like i won the lottery
oh my god
you so proud of me?
but you doubted me
get from around a g
(and i’m coming for them necks) x2
and i’m coming like who’s next?
who’s next boy?
i dissed boy
and he quit boy
now his homeboy
on that rapping shit
like “oh yeah i be trapping b-tch”
show me the facts
you cleaning shoes
i can’t f-cking lose
i be making moves
you a f-cking lame
screaming jug jug jug
when i come thru
they be run run run
do this shit for fun
i be real to this shit
im like van gogh
pic-sso, pablo, chapo and chalino
my bank full of 0’s
how you hard
but you singing like a hoe
rap game full of weirdos
my circle tights
isa cheerio
strap up
here we go
im feeling this shit
im k!lling this shit
when i stepped up
you backed up
y’all play tough
i play rough
i’ve had enough
with the bullshit
feeling like the goat
let these pussies know
i be running shit
y’all be sucking d-ck
if it ain’t yoba
i ain’t rocking it
we be popping shit
rapping sick
im possessed
who the exorcist
who my exes is?
y’all be on some shit
you ain’t moving shit
f-ck you lying for?
im the king of this shit

had to get my feet back under me
shout out yoba apparel
andrew robertson the best producer in this shit
mixed by brandon de la garza
we back
live from the 248