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chris travis – ring ring lyrics



yeah that b-tch thick, now she fiening
she is not my wife b-tch is dreaming
ring, ring
shawty keep calling, ring-ring
i let the phone ring, ding-ding
all my hoes in the back like a fling
baby girl i’m in a dream scene

left off in a spcaeship
i ain’t gotta say shit
“is he jamaican?”
all these wild b-tches, i ain’t racist
bad b-tch in the front she like “w-ssup”
i’ma beat that pussy like some nun-chucks
if you gon’ be evil shut the f-ck up
b-tch i’m positive but i still pull up
f-ck n-gg-, hood up
she thought we was chillin she got stood up
little-bitty-b-tch you wish you coulda
tell your boyfriend he need to look up
these b-tches don’t please me
falling down to her knees
pulled up this a freebie
i don’t even ya, yee-yee
shorty know we get gee-ky
turn around then i skeet-beat
know the shorty wanna drain me
? when i’m drinking
just to pull up leaning
no you won’t catch me drinking
might show you how my fling-ting