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chris webby – fragile lives lyrics


sh-t it sucks growing up man
sh-t changes
you lose touch with people
you lose friends along the way but
you just gotta keep going man

[verse 1]
man it sucks growin up
gotta let go of the past
not every childhood friendship is gonna last
people grow up, and move on for better or worse
always of course it doesn’t end in a church
we used to go on l rides like the cities hours
but now we all got real jobs, and sh-tty hours
and those the lucky ones who earn a check
the ones who don’t sit at home all day and blow percusets
cause i seen a lot of people on that path
and it sucks cause they almost never come back
it’s a sad truth the life is ruthless right?
as a kid we never thought we could lose the fight
sh-t we all have big dreams back in middle school
but real life is played by different rules
and reality hurts so why i always keep a bag of the purp
and always pray for the best before they put my -ss in the dirt

chances thrown
nothing’s free
longing for
used to be
still it’s hard
hard to see
fragile lives
shattered dreams

[verse 2]
for the teenage mothers with a baby to feed
for the kids who think a pill bottles all that they need
we all hit a rough patch
get back on your feet
we only got one life
(one life)
and it goes on but now with one less
n.e.v tatted on my bicep
nic i miss you man
but i guess that fate just had a different plan
i thought me and you would be kickin it in 20 years
talkin about our wife and kids over a couple beers
and now you’re not here
and its hard to even say in a song
but sh-t i thought about you every f-ckin day you’ve been gone
ag, shawn and glock we all getting through the pain
but just know that norwalk ain’t ever gonna be the same
you even had faith in me back when we was kids
you said id get big back when n-body did
so i’ma do this rap sh-t for the both of us now
cause i know you still up there holding me down
so brotha save me a spot if something happens to me
until then
enjoy the show from the balcony seats
i love you man


[verse 3]
for the kids who’ve lost friends and family in the past
for the kids who messed up and wanna take it all back
we all hit a rough patch
get back on your feet
we only got one life
(one life)
if you got a dream you gotta get it man
at least try
sh-t, you may never get a second chance
as a kid we never thought that it could happen to you
for better or worse, its how i’m here rappin to you
keep in touch with all your homies
and your eye on the prize
cause we all slip and fall down, push your sh-t to the side
only got one life, better live while you got it
cause only one thing for sure
tomorrow is not promised


and that’s it
ya know?
life goes on
gotta keep focused
we all miss you down here brother
but we’ll see you though

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