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chris wright – running out of time lyrics


the new me really on some bullsh-t
the old me probably let it slide
i’ve been sinking word to loose lips
i ain’t got nowhere left to hide
caught feelings now i’m caught up like i’m binge watching
can’t act a fool around you baby ’cause my friends watching
i’m more like fish in a puddle lately i been flopping
watching rappers with jewelry bouncing they benz hopping
i’m way too comfortable i know that all too well
i used to rap into my 3gs and listen on my dell
now i got, a room that’s all for music keep it to myself
i couldn’t possibly exist no more if my sh-t didn’t sell
’cause i’m sad when i’m successful
suicidal when i’m not
i built a world inside my head
but couldn’t keep track of the plot
i hear voices without meaning
meant to vocalize my thoughts
but i got hypnotized
and panic eyed when i looked at the clock
i’m running out of time, wishing i could run it back
i ain’t on drugs but really all my new sh-t wack
remember that
the many eyed monster, god took form for mortal men
i just ignored the looks she gave me
focused on the racks, amen