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christ minoru – purge lyrics


they hit me up when they need me, but when i hit them up i’m too needy, i ain’t got time for that, n-gg-s talking orange i ain’t got a rhyme for that, now they looking at me, i spaced out now i’m becoming trigger happy, n-gg-s thought i was in it to keep my n-gg-s happy, but would they do the same if it wasn’t me who was rapping,(i don’t know n-gg-) all of sudden n-bodies was somebodies, 100 tatted on they neck they tryna be somebody, that shit looking mad corny, slow talking y’all shit sounding mad boring, i watched these downplay and turn it into shit, they only excuse they all tryna get rich, (oh you from the hood ? oh who’s your clique ?) all that gang shit i ain’t running with, i told you n-gg-s that i was coming for some heads, the more shots i send the more y’all end up dead, i’m coming for the rap game and you know it, launching shots as one of the deadliest poets, everybody knows it

this ain’t no i’m in my feelings i’m tryna make it yeah, this a warning for the n-gg-s that’s gone take it there,if you b-tt hurt lemme make it fair, forget this even happened do i make it clear, idk why you n-gg-s be acting so hard,the shit y’all been making y’all need to discard, christ in the building finna get a bunch of lames in they feelings, i ain’t been this way since hood know, had n-gg-s asking what you good for, still ain’t get a answer d-mn you n-gg-s cancer, i should hold you n-gg-s for ransom, leave your girl dancing, family panicking, n-gg-s acting like janitors, b-tch made n-gg-s, b-tch made n-gg-s