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christian le surf – you and i lyrics


dance, oh we dance
to the days that called me away
fly, oh we fly
to the day the human race called me away

and i was just an innocent little boy
then i met my friend
took on me for life

take my hand, run this course
on the streets of american chaps
we like to fly the kite
and we think that i just might be in love
in love with you
don’t try to hide it
go try to save it

i feel my life’s too late, my love
so let’s back up in the back of your car
let’s dance all night with lou reed in our ears all around
somebody told me how to live
while somebody told you how to die
and it’s time to call your bluff in this ignorant place

but we will die
yes, we will be fine
yes, we will be fine

so, let’s go crashing down
and tear up this place around
and let’s just lie around your flowerbed

in the middle of nowhere laid a man
he was 5 foot 10, didn’t have a plan
we were all just losers in this little infirmary
let’s all take the border, lose them to the infirmary

let’s just dance again
and let’s forget everything
because my back’s against the wall

i’m too stubborn to die, too lovely to cry
too busy to dance, too homely to prance
i feel so alone, yeah, we feel so alone
we were your parasites
and now we’re gonna cry
we were alive, you and i

you and i
you and i