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christina blust – trees inside my walls lyrics


[verse 1]
the trees inside my walls
remember when their only view was branches
now they creak just like my knees
tomorrow (like me) they fall

[verse 2]
the mountains in my hearthstone
sing a requiem to spacious, silent skies
distant seashores fill my windowpanes
tomorrow, we all wash away

[verse 3]
the ohio courses through my pipes
tiny droplets of conscious, bridgeless past
steel faucet, cotton towel
skin and porcelain — ritual, clean

[verse 4]
this bed, too wide for years
bends to embrace this tired structure
violins tell stories in vinyl
no one tastes, no one hears us dance
(thin grey socks, pressed trousers
sacred breathing floorboards.)

[verse 5]
and if we fall, it as the moon
falls eternally around her dear earth
they will say i died alone
but they mistake my body for me