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christopher luque – 4ever remix lyrics


(verse 1)

if you find someone else, whose gon die witchu
if you find someone else, whose gon ride witchu
if you find someone else, whose gon cry for you
if you get hurt, who gonna k!ll fo you
n-body this n-gg-’s too fake for you
believe me when i say the love i got is true
you got me so sick in love , i think i got the flu
and ever since i met you, i’ve thought this thru’ yuh
that i’m gonna be in love with you forever
thought about riding the seven seas together
baby you know i love it when i’m next to you
and i know you love it when you next to me, yuh
772 love type shit, baby
the definition of true love is what we got baby
and i promise you on everything i got, yuh
that i won’t do you wrong

i’ll call you my baby (how bout that)
i’ll call you my princess (how bout that)
i’ll call you my momma (how bout that)
i promise to be yours (forever)

(verse 2)

baby ever since day one i’ve been yours
been by your side, never let my pride down
sooner or later i’ll make you my bride
showing the world your mine, so don’t hide
them fake n-gg-’s always lie, i promise i won’t
every time you pull away, i pull you back
your love is so good, it’s more addicting than a drug
any time i need love, i know my baby the plug
just know i’ll always love you even after i die
the love we got is not sum you go out n buy
i know i’m not the best, but for you i’ll always try
if i say i love you , just know those ain’t lies
every time i see you, i be acting all shy
everyday i tell myself i’m lucky, to call you mine
your perfect in every single way, it’s truly hard to defy

i became your lover (yeah yeah)
please smile don’t cover (yeah yeah)
momma told me love her (yeah yeah)
i promise to be yours (forever)

i promise to be yours
i promise to be yours
i promise to be yours

(verse 3)

met you thru snap, found my only one
we talked n talked, we had so much fun, yuh
weeks later, you left and i thought we was done
i tried n tried to bring you back, yuh
those days all alone my little heart was all black
i had to bring you back, cuz you loved me for me not for my rack, this ain’t no dirt track it’s a comeback might as well call it 4ever part 2

yea …

i’ll call you my baby (how bout that)
i’m a lover not a fighter (yea yea)
i promise to be yours (forever)