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christopher sean – natural grace lyrics


a woman’s body knows the struggle
hands deep in the soil know the same
there’s a wisdom that warfare lends to the soul
and then selflessly draws back again
but none of these touch or even come close to
the lovely you look on this night
more than a likeness to dawn or new birth

just the moment the whole world went quiet

a curly-haired boy, my son plays in the sand
his mother knows his story by heart
i was parking the car but there was no space
so i earned a ticket and heard a dog bark
it’s really not news to say “this country is dead”
or to hear a pure saint curse the light
but it wasn’t like anything i ever heard sung

just the moment the whole world went quiet

there’s a grace in the way the tide tumbles down
this grace you can’t trace, not at all
not even a prayer you can point to or say
since she kisses you after the fall
so it happened that i was not hungry or angry
not dreaming abyss or great height
just sitting there idle, loving and laughing

the moment the whole world went quiet