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christopher sean – shaman jakob (a personal apocalypse) lyrics


so the next time you win the world i say
i hope you learn you were not born to play
the part of a king, a pauper, a p-wn
but down in the trench with a pretty young blonde
let’s say or suppose you hand her a rose
which ignites the night, so beautifully glows
and she, in turn, hands her bare heart to you

then you know in heaven, child
every sweet dream comes true

so just lay back and point to the sky
watch the color of pallor turn into pie
because the shape of all illusion
despite the stars of your contusion
may suit you better than the rest
whether you p-ssed or failed the test
you stand at the altar unable to say ‘i do’

then you know in heaven, child
even bad dreams come true

finally strung out on happier trails
where the heart shines bright, after all love fails
to move you to tears or conjure old fears
not one in a million will find you here
as the way swings off like hyena laughter
and the fools all jeer at happy ever after
now try to forget what you once thought you knew

then you know in heaven, child
every single dream comes true

but who ever said you’d be better of dead?
who ever bled to to take a lady to bed?
who got a divorce just to marry a horse?
who? who? who? who?
sure every thing’s sweeter for those born anew
like to fly or to cry or goodbye – ‘boo whou’
but who ever told you to look so blue?
who? who? who? who?

o my sad prince of bad
o my pure knight of sad
o my bad actor of cause
forget your loss
fire the boss –
it’s you!

then you know in heaven
holding the number seven
filled to the brim with leaven
i think you’ll know when the four winds blow
even nightmares come true

boom boom boom
chalka, chalka, chalka
boom boom boom
chalka, chalka, chalka
boom boom boom
chalka, chalka, chalka