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chthe’ilist – voidspawn lyrics


a lone traveller gazes at the stygian horizon, as twilight fades below the distant mountains. slowly, shades of darkness descend upon the desolated plains before him, and a sense of dread plagues his mind: the certitude that something is lurking amidst the withered trees, haunting him ever since the sun has vanished. distant, doleful threnodies are faintly heard just under the sighing of cold autumnal winds, as darkened mists enshroud the moonlit skies. summoned from the void, a sinister entity awaits in secrecy, its slumber disturbed by an unknown presence. a strident screech echoes through the woods, shattering the funeral quietude of the forest. merging itself with the shadows, its amorphous shape crawls towards him. bone-chilling horror grips the man’s spirit, as emaciated tentacles reach for him. dragged into the shade, the traveller disappears into nothingness and cold silence returns upon the barren plains once more