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chuks (av9) – next up? lyrics



[verse 1]
i got a rambz on me and it come from barking
they say that my lifestyle come like a movie, shank on set and this shotgun starring
big bros stays hungry for beef, kidnapped him an opp, so he won’t stay starving
uh, i’m like f-ck affiliates, i might just jeet that asian darling
small hand ting in the glove compartment
it’s called bando living, i might pull up on yards and blast ’em
was a broad day drilling, clean headshot, coming like some marksmen
i got cats on my line and it’s jarring, guns in the whip tell bro dem park it
i seen yj scr-pe that pyrex, p-ss that bowl and it came back sparkling
big bro let it go like elsa but it don’t make no sound like ferb
all these man wanna snitch like candace so i gotta watch when i say these words
she said come inside like mickey, jeet then i’m out, can’t trust these birds
never gotta talk ’bout drillings, it’s all on net bro, i know that you’ve heard
i gotta deal with cats like tom, got me feeling like jerry
i tell an opp good luck like charlie cah i got corn in the mash already
them boys cowards like courage, you better hope that i aim for bellys
big rambos all came in three, lowkey diff, ed, ed, eddy
i might chop man up then bag his corpse, come like your local butcher
all my guys never come off road, 2-4-7, local hookers
i got weight in this jd bag, white and the brown, put that on the cooker
i put both in biscuit tins, i pray that mother don’t mix it with sugar
couldn’t give a f-ck about loved ones, i might smoke mans mum like bambi
watch them leave their block, hop that fence when i bang that machine
so g-ssed when i got that re, dishing out food, coming like school canteens
peep when i grab that pole, hop out the whip and they ran like santry
all of this brown in the trap, you’d think i’d be yelling wakanda forever
i got things in the block man, it’s pepper, shotty came long, but i’m into whatever
bro-bro tried p-ss me the hand ting, wait one sec, let me put on my leather
couldn’t give a f-ck about opps, they beefing with me but ain’t seeing no cheddar
i told bs to file that down, corn came too fat like uncle phil
i warned my cats that blood gon’ spill if they don’t pay up or spend mans bills
remember that day shegz grabbed that sammy, would’ve got peak, had to tell bro chill
don’t watch how i sound on tracks ’cause you know that your boy reps irish drill
pull up to your block like kunjani, akh, two-two shanks on waist, or the spin ting stays right by me
like, how you gonna chat that w-ss, when i called your phone and you were overseas
very important pole, i call this mans vip, how the f-ck can they ride on me?
got a samurai sword in my b-tches yard, big dog on my hands like clifford
one more word and i let that bark, how many times have i punched man up?
i don’t know why these opp boys talk [?]
and i love my bruce like willis, really tryna make these opps die hard