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chuuwee – honey struck lyrics


man, she called me yesterday…(man, she a straight up ho)
told me her man was out of town..(ahhh that’s wack!)
scr-pe..(right? d-mn man)
she ain’t nothin’ but a gold diggin…(hooch!)
ho happy jackie–ss ho…(yeah yeah yeah ho happy jackie..)
that’s word to motha..(ha ha..oh sh-t)

[verse 1]
please excuse me
as i was laid in the jacuzzi
with susie, grabbin’ her booty
and f-ckin’ round with these groupies is bad
yo, she said that she could ride it like suzuki
she snookie and sookie sookie all in once so i just got her to gag
when she finished she demanded from me kisses
and wearing nut is her lipstick
“save this sh-t for you and ya man”
d-mn i feel bad…
cause -ss don’t even know the way i’m all up in that
when his backs turned
i’m concentrated, maintain daily money
motivated, her only focus: penetration for them big faces
lay on her back, another day a different d-ck taste
this chick chasin d-ck chasin waterfalls, big mistakin’
truthfully speakin, she such a beautiful puerto rican
grew up to fast on the ave, so all she is freakin
but if you ask me she nothing but a…
nasty, money-hungry, and cl-ssy ho happy jackie

i might have gotten honey stuck
diggin around, i got ya honey struck
i ain’t stupid, she just want me to get my money up
funny as f-ck, when she on me after one pump
i puff-puff-p-ss, diggin her guts
give her a tummy tuck
honey stuck, she all on me it was fun and such
but now i’m wishin she’d take it easy with the lovey dove
i ain’t stupid, she just want me to get my money up
i might have gotten honey stuck, honey stuck

[verse 2]
i laid low with her
f-cked 3 or 4 with her
but, she didn’t get the fact that i ain’t wanna go with her
“you, was just with tommy shawty”
i can see the ho in her
she texted flat out askin: “there’s no way we can get closer?”
h-ll nah!
i’m not a home wrecker, bone checker
ya man deserve ya honesty, baby you just a dough fetcher
she blows the lecture, i got no business tryna protect her
i wasn’t, i was just thinkin she would find it better
hearing the truth from her last miner
cause she’s a gold digger
even i did in the pathfinder
she definitely was an -ss grinder
i told her p-ss grinder
and she got higher than the gas prices
i drop her off, she called me up
remember last night when…
but that was last night and that’ll be the last night you…
but keep that -ss tight, and ask might you
be available later on?
i love hoes i just can’t wife you


see the tree how big it’s grown but
i swear it hasn’t been to long
it wasn’t me~