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cide effect – insanity lyrics


[verse: cideeffect]
i know this is not what you wanna hear
i thought i should be honest here
calm and clear comments for the common ear
i’ve written sonnets for a lot of years just to conquer fear
these notes are my religion
because i know my soul is missing
its a coping mechanism
i show a flow so sadistic
that it steals your hope when you listen
i explode and go ballistic
sweating like i’m leaving a sauna
its hard to keep calm
i can’t breath when i wanna
i don’t end a sentence i just lead with a comma
i wanna be on a beach with a pina colada
i’ll be gone in autumn if i get a job
i stall in an automatic
i’m what you call a tragic
accident. after this action is over
i’m crafting a p-ssionate poem for
my lack of having a sober thought
my gl-ss doesn’t have a coaster
i’m a f-ckin’ human sacrifice
so ill never look p-ssed tonight
i’ve been rappin’ for half my life
snappin’ at the sight
of a track and battlin’ flashes of light
no one has what i have on the mic
voice is like a stab from a knife
i’m commin’ in the night, you’re a celibate dike
if you’re b-mping this i know i’m telling it right
i write in the candle lit light, light press on the pen
penmanship terrible, tear a hole in the note i spent
half the night writing just to sound bearable
then start again