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cinnamane – loud noises lyrics


[loud noises: cinnamane]

all these drivers moving so slow while they rubbernecking
i swear imma hit you if you dare to take another second
all my life, comes down to one epic ending
and all these people stand behind me simply representing
tribe asked me to kick it like i’m the one that’s been playing soccer
you hear cinna’s finna k!ll you what a d-mn shocker
i don’t want any beef and i put that on my granddaughter
but if i still k!ll you i’ll swear that it’s only manslaughter
why am i so bottled all the time? i don’t vent at all
popping all these bottles all the time i think i spent it all
bring pain to the best of ’em, they started snorting fentanyl
stopped by a pedestrian i tell them best not get involved
cause you ain’t making money ’til you’re selling by pounds
i don’t know how to explain it without spelling it out
put me on the track dog and yes i’m ready and loud
except that i don’t know what we’re yelling about
oh wait it’s i’m the emcee that makes all of his ends meet
always acting so friendly though these f-cks are my pet peeve
but i just gotta let be, hope that they don’t catch me
until i have a million dollars and run on my jet ski, i’m saying
homie, just face it
you on that sh-t that’s so basic
i’m on my grind like all the time
while i’m making in beats in my bas-m-nt
look behind his eyes it’s vacant
i fried his mind like bacon
on some other sh-t, in the mothership
you don’t even own a sp-ceship
said that i’m still the same me, just got less personal
i’m still the same g, just got less merciful
they still hating though they know the flow is versatile
the game just ended bro this sh-t is not reversible
said imma be the best, all clean and pure
and imma bite their necks, and there ain’t no cure
they said that i’m not like the rest, and i concur
i swear that i am not a mess, i’m just disturbed
they turn the track off cause they don’t really like our voices
haters hear the beat and choke it down like it was poison
all my life telling me to make the right choices
i get on the beat and; loud noises
yes, and nothing more, telling them hit the floor
cause this the type of sh-t you ain’t used to hearing before
knocking on door to door, nothing but news to report
that the youngest k!ller in the game is slowly moving forward