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cino – ugh! lyrics


welcome cino back, i’m bringing real flow back
reload with a free flow, n-gg-, we go spaz
put ’em in the middle of a box with a little bit of oxygen
the plot thickens, always got them hot writtens
i’m drop-kickin’ anybody contrary
i’m the omnipotent, god-given don spittens
as far as you know, i’m frolickin’, not givin’
two f-cks, if you fuss, then you’ll get your arms ripped in
two parts, i’m too smart, figured why follow law limits?
started vomiting prophecies, barf, shittin’
nah, kiddin’, but the way i rhyme make y’all mimic
i’m lost in a world of my own, heard of as home
keep listening, you’ll see that i’ma murder this tone!
jump on the instrumental, get a little mental, pedal to the metal
i’ma get up in a rental, then i’ma take you back to retro
back when you had to keep that fresh flow
when rappin’, you better keep your legs low
if you dance, then you do it with your chest closed
can you keep up with a n-gg- that’s as versatile?
versus mild worthless child, the he-rs- is out!
that’s the sound when you face me
but never will you faze me
some say that i’m crazy
i tell ’em yes, maybe
y’all thought i’ma end it like that? spin it right back
wait a minute, i don’t mimic, i invented my raps
the sinner type, center-snipe you in the middle of your dinner bite
if you feel a type of way, i’ll end your life
i’m a lyrical allah, spittin’ that lava
rivers of fire, what i’m bringin’ is hotter
shit on your prada, so listen and follow
you’ll be missin’ mañana, treat you just like piñatas
beat you up and down, then drag you through the street
straight up laugh at you petite wack rappers screwin’
beats up, destruct, c struck, the beat’s f-cked
least luck to you weak spitters i eat up! (ugh)
i’m a beast, yup, jesus relieve us, we just believers! (ugh)
move in pro-motion, bear ammo in pair amounts
i must’ve got a promotion in paramount
cuz i’m doing a movie, screwing a groupie, who gonna shoot me?
better get a better beretta or at least a lucrative uzi
so revel with a rebel on a higher level, truly
if you looking for bars, you better choose me!